Upgrading Your Kitchen

Kitchens are those special places that have a lot of family history within its confines, consequently it is a hard choice when it comes to remodeling. Usually the driving force for the changes are modernizing the appliances like a new refrigerator or stove or some new counter top. Few people want to get into a full flown blown “tear it all out and start over again” situation. So most kitchen remodels are incremental upgrades. Sometimes you can get a lot of mileage in the good looks department with something decorative that is simple and elegant.

tin spashback for oven


The pressed metal splashbacks are a aluminum or tin panel that are embossed with a decorative image and then either painted or powder coated. The advantage to these panels is that they are easily installed and just as easily replaced.

Another splashback that is gaining a lot of acceptance is thin long stick like tiles that are glued or grouted into place.

Which ever method that you choose, it will add a very quick makeover to your present kitchen at low cost and without all the headache of a complete rebuild. But it is also a very good time to check the wiring of your kitchen countertop area and either upgrade it if you have an older wiring system or install more outlets in more strategic places (there are never too many outlets in a kitchen).

With todays internet you can get a ton of ideas on how to remodel your kitchen for anything from rustic to contemporary. One great source is the Better Homes and Garden website with has a great variety of suggestions.

Whatever your plans, remember that it is the family memory room that lives in the memories of everyone. Always keep something for nostalgias sake for those big family get …